Pumpkin Film Welcomes Renowned Director Reynald Gresset to Portfolio

Exciting news reverberates through Pumpkin Film as the esteemed director Reynald Gresset joins our portfolio. With a warm embrace, we welcome him as one of our newest directors, anticipating a to enrich our upcoming projects.
French-born and Los Angeles-based, Reynald Gresset brings much experience and a unique perspective to his craft. His journey into the realm of commercials was forged through documentary filmmaking and news broadcasting, instilling in him a profound appreciation for authenticity and human connection. This foundation informs his approach to filmmaking, prioritising real locations, genuine characters, and stories that resonate deeply with audiences.
Gresset’s ability to blend iconic visuals with emotional depth has garnered the attention of top agencies worldwide. His portfolio boasts a plethora of acclaimed campaigns for renowned brands such as Google, Honda, Genesis, Fiat, and Heineken, among many others. His recent McDonald’s “Books” spot, celebrated at the D&AD awards, stands as a testament to his creative prowess and storytelling finesse.
Describing Reynald Gresset in simple terms proves challenging, as his versatility knows no bounds. His mastery of craft enables him to craft a diverse range of narratives, from playful to poignant, taciturn to grand. Each project bears the hallmark of his compelling storytelling and convincing execution.
As Pumpkin Film embraces Reynald Gresset into our fold, we eagerly anticipate the magic he will weave into our upcoming projects. His addition to our portfolio promises an exciting journey filled with creativity, authenticity, and memorable storytelling. Welcome, Reynald Gresset, to the Pumpkin Film family!