Introducing Ben Strebel: A Dynamic Addition to Pumpkin Film

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our esteemed directorial portfolio: Ben Strebel, a British/Swiss director residing in London. Ben brings a wealth of talent and a unique perspective to our team, enriching our creative endeavors with his distinctive style and cinematic prowess.

Ben’s directorial approach seamlessly blends cinematic realism with an intriguing twist, captivating audiences with vibrant narratives that explore the depths of the human experience. With a keen emphasis on storytelling, casting, technical finesse, and cinematography, Ben breathes life into his subjects, reshaping and broadening viewers’ perspectives of the world with each cinematic creation.

Spanning his talents across music videos, original content, and commercials, Ben boasts a multifaceted portfolio brimming with critically lauded projects. His accolades include prestigious honours such as Gold and Bronze Lions at Cannes, a Young Directors Award, and D&AD pencils. Noteworthy among his achievements are captivating commercials for brands like Virgin, Nike, Lexus, Nissan, Apple, Adidas, Jägermeister, Samsonite, and the British Heart Foundation.

In the realm of music videos, Ben has left an indelible mark with the award-winning ‘Butterflies’ for Skrillex featuring Starrah and Four Tet, showcasing his ability to craft visually stunning and emotionally resonant narratives.

As we welcome Ben Strebel to our directorial family, we eagerly anticipate the innovative and captivating projects that will emerge from our collaboration. His unique vision and creative talent will undoubtedly elevate our creative endeavours to new heights, inspiring audiences and sparking meaningful conversations along the way.